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During my four years in the online media department at William Hill Online , I realized there is a lack of understanding in the marketplace between publisher/website/product/business owner and their account manager on the Ad Network side. While the representatives on the advertising side try to sell as much traffic as possible to meet his/her monthly objectives,  the website owner struggles to get to the quality traffic, to generates their own sales. At this point your business needs a specialized media buying expert. Simply, the sky is the limit with what the website owner can achieve if they have an optimized quality online advertising portfolio running for them.

As a freelancer, I have more opportunity to build mutually beneficial campaigns, working for/with multiple companies rather than media buying for a specific company. Our understanding on media buying stems from extensive testing that allows us to create a pin point and clearly defined goal.  We are then able to adjust and adapt the goal to all online marketing platforms.


We have an exceptional understanding of effective communication when it comes to closing deals, negotiating budget with clients, and serving you in general. We work hard to achieve a win-win situation in every venture, while upholding a friendly approach.  Even with an ingrained understanding of basic business common sense, we stay true to our values.


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Sami Nahmiyaz, CEO

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Mert Levy, Finance / Accounting

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